Whimsical Wednesday
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Thursday, July 27, 2017
By LiveinLove Photography
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Have you ever had a friend who makes everything seem a little bit more whimsical? When you are with them you try new things, see yourself in the best light, and step out (and yet also somehow inexplicably INTO) your comfort zone and see the world coated with a little bit of glitter. This is my friend Tiffany- the work she can do with a pair of scissors is truly magical. In a gorgeous salon nestled in Washington Park she brings beauty into the world- and accentuates that hidden princess in all of us. This Wednesday we walked OTR streets with groovy colored brick walls and quaint, inviting doorsteps- talking about life and love and adventure and the little rascal growing each moment in my Thrift store covered belly. We feasted on make-your-own-salad-rolls (sloppily rolled together by me), leaving me with a craving for pickled onions and their purple-y goodness the rest of the night. In the Ohio heat, we had a fairy tale afternoon together. Everyone needs an enchanted friend like this

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