The Tiniest Hands Hold the Most Meaning
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Wednesday, August 22, 2018
By LiveinLove Photography
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Today was cool- not too cool, but Flirting with Fall cool. 


And the house was clean. (ish). 


And the laundry was done. (ish).


And in the silence of a house occupied by a 10 month old, a 10 year old puppy, and a (way older than 10 year old) mamma- we found magic. 


Magic in a trip to the grocery store alone thanks to my amazing, beautiful (without even trying to be beautiful- yes, it just happens!) mother in law. While she let my flakey-headed blondie jump on the front porch and take in the fresh air. While she let ME take in the fresh air of an hour deciding which deli meat would be best on sloppily made sandwiches. Magic in the fact that SHE found magic spending time with my little bug. 


Magic in a walk where (for once) I was not covered in sweat. Because the breeze was so aggressive and the shade was so thick and the Bath, Ohio sun seemed to be trying to romance me and convince me that I have made the right choice in moving here... as if I needed any convincing. But please, don't tell that to the Akron sun.


Or the Akron wind.


Or the Akron stars.


Because right now I am just fine and dandy being romanced by the dangerously seductive combination of all three of them. 


The golden sun that shines perfectly on my daughters eyes- highlighting the shade of blue that I never imagined possible. The sun that creates a photographers "Golden Hour" 3 times more often than I ever would have expected- or maybe everything here just shines. 


The blustery wind that makes feisty, rebellious hairs break free from your messy mom bun and blow into your eyes as you squint at the saturated appearance of blue, purple, neon wildflowers glowing in that unexpected golden hour sunlight. 


And the shade that provides cover while your baby girl rubs her eyes, looks up and sees nothing but a canopy of safe greenery guarding her, and decides it is safe to fall back into the most innocent dreamland of all. 


This was a magical walk- a magical afternoon. 


The most magical thing- (and yes, I feel sort of like a first time mom for writing this)... (shit, I am!) 


Is the way that as I rocked my freshly cleaned, music loving, smiley Riley girl to sleep- singing You Are My Sunshine- for  the first time she adjusted her body. 


She threw one arm around me. 


She looked up and smiled. 


And with the other arm she rubbed her tiny, unpolished fingers across my forearm (the Sedona tattoo that I got just for her), to the rhythm of the song, and  when I laughed she grinned and put both arms around me.


As a mom, I have had many magical moments in these ten months. But this was the first time when I looked into her eyes and knew that we were sharing an inside joke- 


A moment. 


Something that for all of eternity no one would ever experience but the two of us. 


And she is my sunshine-


My only sunshine <3





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