Sunshine Day
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Sunday, July 29, 2018
By LiveinLove Photography
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As anyone who has a sister knows, you have your sunny days- and you have your stormy ones. That's really part of the beauty of sisterhood. She's the one person who will consistently keep you in check. Call you out for eating swiss cheese and mayo at midnight. Steal your favorite shirt. Dance around in circles singing The Greatest Showman soundtrack at the top of her lungs while you are both holding screaming babies in a Denver hotel room. You know- stuff like that. 


The day that my sister came to see our new house in Bath, Ohio for the first time- that day was nothing but sunshine. That WEEK was nothing but sunshine. Literally. Seeing our two sweet girls, and my adventurous sheep riding, mountain biking nephew all together under a muggy summer sky while country music played and the sun glowed behind our sturdy barn- well, even the memory of it makes me smile. Some memories just make your heart radiate- a golden hour from within that reaches from your greasy bed- head all the way down to your unpainted toes. 


After biking, hiking, epic water balloon battles, (many, many White Claws), evening games of kick ball, Bigfoot Hunts, and meatloaf grilled-cheeses, Amanda surprised me with matching dresses for our girls. Of course- a photo shoot was in order. We set up the teepee, grabbed the sunflowers I had bought that morning when we biked to the farmers market, and began snapping away.


My sister and her family live in Arizona, and having them here was incredibly bittersweet. The wave of pain I felt when they left came on as sudden and as strong as a summer rain- all encompassing, ruthless, reckless, and totally unexpected. But the photos of our families together- those bring the sunshine back. 

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