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Monday, June 25, 2018
By LiveinLove Photography
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Meet Ashley and Bobby Compton.

I did for the first time on Saturday, and I cannot begin to tell you what an absolute PLEASURE it was! We fought off tiny sprinkles of summer rain and ended up lucking out with a beautiful afternoon. First off, my little family and I moved to Bath, Ohio (yes, Bath- it's a real place!) about three weeks ago. This was my first shoot not on my "own turf" (Cincinnati!). Needless to say, even after doing hundreds of shoots- I was a little nervous! To be honest I am ALWAYS a little nervous (I think once you stop getting nervous you start getting careless! Can't lose that passion), but this was different. From the moment Ashley stepped out of the car in her beautiful pink gown (GLOWINGGGGG!!!), I felt instantly settled. You know when you meet those people that you just vibe with? Instantly, I knew this shoot was going to be dynamite. With my nerves gone, the excitement kicked in and we got to shooting!

One thing you should know about Ashley and Bobby- although they have been married two years, they have been together since HIGH SCHOOL! For some reason it still gives me goosebumps! And watching them you can see that their love has only grown stronger over all of their years together! Little Rori is going to be born into a wonderful family full of love. We ventured into my back yard where I got to use our barn as a backdrop for the FIRST TIME! Then took a gorgeous stroll on Bath trail, before hitting up some store fronts at Ghent Square. BONUS- we even found a baby boutique surrounded by bubbles. Magic! The entire shoot was full of laughter, good conversation- and photos that I hope the Compton's will cherish for years to come. I can already tell Ashley and Bobby will be phenomenal parents- and I am looking forward to meeting their sweet little girl soon for newborn photos!

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