Milestones, Motherhood, and Migraines
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Tuesday, July 31, 2018
By LiveinLove Photography
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In truth, I should have titled this blog post Motherhood, Milestones, Migraines, and Merlot. But I didn't want to get too lengthy on ya. 


They say that motherhood (and parenthood in general) is full of milestones. A collection of epic moments that leave even the most boisterous mama speechless. Wiping tiny tears from her tired eyes, clapping and grinning like a loon for this moment in time when the human that YOU made learns something new. Utters their first word. Takes their first step. Kisses their first boy. Proudly sports a cap and gown. Walks down the aisle. You catch my drift. 


What I have begun to observe during my incredibly short (and yet somehow strangely incredibly long) 10 months as a new mama, is that these milestones are enchantingly bittersweet. They bring an unspeakable joy, a pride that tastes like that first bite of Graeters ice cream after hours of childbirth. When you hear that first "Da-Da," when your huge-thighed baby girl pushes herself up onto the coffee table on her tippy-toes, when her huge white teethe peek through a beautiful landscape of peach colored gums that had been nothing more than a blank canvas before. Each and every one of those sent me into a gorgeous maternal, slightly delusional state of happiness. 


And then, then the bitter part of the equation kicks in. Then the steady, adorable, almost melodic chanting of "da-da-da" becomes a scream that can be heard far and wide. Then she is pushing up onto everything, and leaving complete and utter chaos in her wake. And those huge white teethe? They leave marks on your body you never imagined possible of such a small person. They eat dog food while you are trying to pee. They call for midnight Walgreens Motrin runs. But this is life, isn't it? The beauty bundled with the battle. Never has this lovely parallel been more apparent to me than in this journey of motherhood. And I embrace it. And I welcome it. 


Because even though motherhood comes with the bitter- 


there is a hell of a lot more of the sweet. And every bite is worth it. 


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