Meet Sedona Marie
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Thursday, July 26, 2018
By LiveinLove Photography
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Meet Sedona Marie. 


The girl with the wispy blonde hair. The girl with the shy, yet contagious smile. The girl with eyes that make people stop in the airport and stare without even realizing they are doing it. 


She's the kind of girl who loves to give wet, open mouthed kisses (that mostly land on your nose, and occasionally on your mouth). Who devours Cheetos- any Cheetos will do but white cheddar puffs really hit the spot. Who loves when her daddy sings The Beach Boys. The girl who wakes up smiling and crawls like a woman on a mission, each tiny palm pounding on the wooden floors with such force and determination you can't help but applaud. And she will clap right back at you- because she claps for anyone, and everyone. And especially for herself. 


When I named this little bug, I was a little nervous I won't lie. Sedona is a big name. A funky name. A name not just anyone can tote around for their entire lives and proudly claim as their own. But from day one, I knew that this little bug had what it took. I knew that I named her well, and named her right. She is my Sedona girl through and through. She is wild and fun and makes me laugh every single day. At ten months she has already smelled the mountain air and felt the desert sand beneath her gigantic callused feet. She doesn't know it yet but she is well on her way to being an epic adventurer. She effortlessly adjusts to any atmosphere- she gives a new meaning to the phrase "go with  the flow." And I love flowing with this groovy girl. 


Miss Sedona Marie Riley was born October 1, 2017 to a mommy who was singing Buffy The Musical and shoving her mouth full of mint lifesavers that I am pretty sure have given me at least two (if not 3) cavities. She came out sucking her thumb around five in the morning- sporting a gigantic, gorgeous head full of her Daddy's signature blonde hair. One day she will realize her mama is a bottle blonde, but until then we can pretend I contributed right? She has changed this photographers universe in countless ways. She is a daily reminder of how amazing, vast, and insanely gorgeous this world is. How in  the hell did I make THAT? She humbles me, astounds me, and blesses me. And don't be surprised if she makes an appearance on this blog more than once! 



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Laura Barrett - I’ve loved watching your journey. You have a beautiful family