Mallory's Matcha Miracle
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Friday, August 11, 2017
By LiveinLove Photography
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           It's 2 o'clock in the afternoon, and my eyes will. not. stay. open. I know I'm not alone in this- I think the 2 o'clock blues hits you no matter who or where you are. The silent villain that creeps up on us weather we are cramped under florescent lighting in a cubicle or sitting criss cross applesauce folding seemingly endless piles of laundry watching Dr. Phil reruns. No one is safe. Being 7 months pregnant, this horrible "blah" sensation has kicked it up a notch, and when I am sitting here with hundreds of photos to edit, or baby clothes to sort through, or design projects to tackle, there is a sure fire solution to fill me with warm, happy vibes (but without the calories of the happy vibes a huge chocolate chip cookie gives me!). 

         I have never been huge on coffee- but I love cute coffee mugs, the smell of a quaint coffee shop, and- most recently- lavendar lattes! Thanks to Amazon my house is stocked with delicious Lavender syrup- Le Sirop de Monin- that transforms any beverage into a yummy, relaxing escape. So what did I pair it with? No, not vodka and lemonade (which I hear is delicious.. and dangerous! And I for sure will be taste testing when Sedona has evacuated my womb!), but something equally as satisfying and spectacular. Matcha!

         What is matcha?? Well if you haven't had the pleasure of trying it yet, it just might rock your world! Yes, it is that wacky looking green powder that MAY get everywhere while you are mixing it- but it is packed with benefits that give you that feel good boost to kick the 2 o'clock blues to the curb. I really can't say enough good things about it! It helps to improve your focus and provide clearer thinking, is one of the highest antioxidents (hello gorgeous skin), reduces physiological and psychological stress, and- bonus- boosts metabolism!! This green tea is also used to increase chi energy and focus for Zen meditation- so don't be surprised if you accidentally find your "Om!" 

        Sure, you can drink Matcha alone either brewed with hot water, or chilled on ice -I often order this from starbucks with their Nonfat Vanilla Syrup and a little bit of Splenda! SO good and same effects!- but I prefer to kick it up a notch and really spoil myself on those afternoons when I am really lagging. Enter the Lavender Matcha Latte. All you need is: 


-Matcha: The key ingredient! You can really get this finely blended green tea powder just about anywhere if you know where  to look in the tea aisle. I order mine off of amazon and it comes in an easy to access resealable pouch- Ujido Matcha. You can find more affordable alternative brands in your local grocery store as well!

-Lavendar Syrup: This I order off of Amazon as well, and there is a link above! The large bottles will last you months and months!

-Sugar (truvia, splenda, or regular sugar! whatever you prefer!)


-Hot Water

-International Delight One Touch Latte: Now, my brother (who has recently become a very loveable coffee snob!) gives me hell for this ingredient. But I don't have the slightest idea how to steam my own milk to make a latte- and if you know me I am also NOT the most patient person in the world- so I find that  this is quick, tastes fab, and gets the job done! You can find it in any local grocery store and they have a varierty of flavors. I like caramel!

-Your All Time Favorite Feel Good Mug: You know the one I'm talking about! That mug that makes you smile in the morning after a sleepless night, that mug that has the chip in JUST the right place to make it charming! Bust that guy out!

      Now that you have all your materials out looking pretty as a picture, you are ready to get cookin. While water is boiling in your teapot, prep your cup with Matcha. I prefer a tablespoon but this may be a little strong for some. Use your best judgement! But any more than a tablespoon may ruin it! When the water is boiling, pour into your mug- leaving a little space at the top. Stir, stir, stir! That matcha is delicious but can get clumpy! I even reccomend using a baby whisk to make sure you get it nice and frothy!! The bubbles and froth are a GOOD THING! After you've stirred, add a pump of Lavendar, sugar and honey to your preference, and finish with a good long squirt of the International Delight One Touch Latte creamer!

     And there you go! Your 2 O Clock Pick Me Up! Sip it slow, enjoy the moment, find that "Om," and make the rest of your day beautiful. <3 

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