Family Love at the Lakehouse
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Thursday, July 26, 2018
By LiveinLove Photography
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The week of July 4th brought me all different flavors of joy. We had just moved into a new house, the lightning bugs were in their prime, the summer sun was in full effect, and last but certainly not least- I got the opportunity to photograph one of my favorite families at their gorgeous Lake House. On a sunny (muggy) summer afternoon I loaded up my new mom-mobile with photo equipment and road snacks and set off for Sardinia! The family that would greet me at the door with beaming, welcoming faces was well worth the drive. 


I shot Sam and David's wedding in beautiful Chicago in 2015. Sam was a stunning bride- and stunned EVERYONE when she announced she was pregnant with her first little one, Stella. Since that day, I have been incredibly blessed with the opportunity to capture their family's journey as they went from a family of two, to three, to four, and now to five! Stella now has two adorable, high spirited sisters Delaney and Callie, who share not only her blonde hair and twinkling blue eyes- but also her phenomenal cheerfulness and fantastic family. 


The lake house session was one of my very favorite types of sessions- laid back, family oriented, candid, unscripted. Even though the minute I pulled in the driveway we were bombarded by a lovely, stubborn summer rain that knocked all of the power out- we wouldn't let that get in the way of making some fantastic memories. As the rain pounded heavily on the lake house roof, we gathered in the sun room. That night, twinkling lights lit up the beautiful room and gave the lake a magic glow. When I wasn't armed with a camera in my hand (which was hardly ever- every moment with this family was priceless and I didn't want to miss a thing!), I was being treated to some of the best home cooking I have ever had. Perfectly grilled shish-ka-bobs, coffee that tastes like candy, blueberry bunt pancakes. For one day, I felt like a part of such a special family- and what a gift that was. Three generations rocked on the porch and watched the rain, smiling fondly at the the gorgeous kiddos while they played with their barbies and begged to go out on the boat. Laughing together over glasses of wine and authentically enjoying each and every second together. 

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Sherri R. Smit - Thank you so much!!!! These are spectacular and will be cherished along with all of the other memories you have captured for us. You are fantastic at capturing the perfect moments!!!