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About Me









Love above all is what I pour into my company and what I aim to capture in every single photo. My photography is synonomous with who I am.

Fun. Bright. Bold. Goofy. Loud. Real.

With each shoot I bring my camera and an authentic passion for what I do and the people who make LiveinLove Photography possible, (yes, that would be YOU my wonderful, beautiful clients!)

I started taking pictures in an effort to express in my own way all the beauty that I saw around me. In the little things- mood rings and chopsticks and over-ripe tomatoes on a windowsill. And when I turned the lens toward the faces of the people I loved the most, I found that with one photo I could make them see all the beauty and light that I saw within them. This was far more rewarding than anything I had ever done, and I have been snapping photos of people ever since! With each client, I strive to give them a comfortable, joy-filled experience that will leave them with photos that they can cherish for decades to come.