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About Me

Howdy! I'm Mallory Riley. Lover of exclamation points, the word groovy, my Yeti-believer hubby, and of course-  the camera. I'm an Ohio dwelling mamma to the beautiful, boisterous, wild child Miss Sedona Marie! You can find me at the end of a long gravel driveway in a stone house with a green fairy tale door- surrounded by trees, chickens, and lots of love nestled in beautiful Bath, Ohio. Usually editing photos, binge-watching Buffy, crafting up a storm, and cuddling with my loveable pup Reggae and blonde haired baby bug.

I have been blessed to be the founder, owner, and photographer for LiveinLove Photography for 13 years. That’s 13 years of freezing beautiful moments in time, contorting my body into impossible yogi-stances to get the perfect shot, and- most importantly- being able to LIVE in LOVE with what I do every day!

Love, above all is what I pour into my company and what I aim to capture in every single photo. My photography is synonymous with who I am.

Fun. Bright. Bold. Goofy. Loud. Real.

With each shoot I bring my camera and an authentic passion for what I do and the people who make LiveinLove Photography possible, (yes, that would be YOU my wonderful, beautiful clients!) 

I started taking pictures in an effort to express in my own way all the beauty that I saw around me. In the little things- mood rings and chopsticks and over-ripe tomatoes on a windowsill. And when I turned the lens toward the faces of the people I loved the most, I found that with one photo I could make them see all the beauty and light that I saw within them. This was far more rewarding than anything I had ever done, and I have been snapping photos of people ever since! With each client, I strive to give them a comfortable, joy-filled experience that will leave them with photos that they can cherish for decades to come.